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Selection of Candidates

Selection of Candidates

1. On receipt of recruitment permission, we publish an advertisement in the national newspapers to collect applications of interested and qualified candidates. Applications thus received are scrutinized by a committee for listing as per the requirements of the employer. Particulars of short listed candidates are sent to the employer if so advised or are kept ready for the interview and final selection by the employer's selection team. 

2. The employer or employer's representatives then carry out the interview and final selection of the candidates takes place for which the agent provides all necessary assistance and logistics. 

Medical Examination:

Candidates finally selected will be mobilized for medical examination in an authorized hospital or clinic. Only candidates found medically fit for foreign employment are sent for the further visa process. 

Recruitment Deadline:

After receiving all necessary documents including visa copies, the candidates will be deployed within 15 to 20 days. 

Department Formalities:

1. Passports: TGRE assists all the selected candidates to get their passports as quickly as possible. 

2. Visa: TGRE makes flight schedule arrangements after receiving the visas of workers from the employer end.

3. Ticketing and Immigration Clearance: The employer is required to provide PTA themselves for the selected candidates or in case traveling expenses are borne by the candidates themselves, TGRE obtains necessary Immigration Clearance from the Department of Labour and completes all formalities required for departure.

4. Orientation before departure: TGRE provides basic orientation to visa received candidates before traveling abroad. During this orientation, the workers are informed about their duties and responsibilities while abroad and the first-hand information on working environment abroad and salient features about the laws of the country of employment. 


1. TGRE is responsible to deploy manpower (workers) in time except under uncontrollable situation like unavailability of air ticket or other reasons.

2. TGRE is liable to take all responsibilities to take back the technically unfit and unable workers if found so by the employer.