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Latest vacancy in Malaysia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar

Malaysia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar have been some of the best popular destinations among Nepalese migrant workers. There has been rise in the number of Nepalese migrant workers going abroad for employment. Construction, household chores, hospitality, and cleaning are some of the most concentrated areas of work where Nepalese migrant workers can be seen to be working. Most of the workers are semi-skilled or unskilled. Lots of migrant workers are benefitted from the Free Visa Free Ticket system carried out by the government. We have covered the latest vacancy in Malaysia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar in this blog. The [...]

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Employment agency in Nepal

Finding a reliable Employment agency in Nepal can be quite a difficult task, especially, when manpower industry faced some sham business. The recruitment process starts from advertising the vacancy in national daily or anything else. The company demanding job fulfilment either directly contacts with employment agencies, or the local agent makes contact with the manpower agency. When the manpower agency receives the job vacancy, these are then, published through mass media. These advertisements are the first linkage between the recruiter and potential migrant worker. As the agency starts getting applications for the vacancy, its procedures grow rapidly. The agency has to [...]

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Manpower in Nepal

Employment agency in Nepal arrange the best suitable jobs at various sectors for the manpower in Nepal. The dedication, commitment, loyalty, hard work, and personal sense of job responsibility make Nepalese different and special. No matter where they have to work, how risky the site or work is, or how extreme the weather is, Nepalese manpower are always ready for the job with enthusiasm, energy, and integrity. Additionally, Nepalese manpower is considered to be less expensive to hire in comparison to workers from other countries. Most of the manpower supply from Nepal is concentrated on the work related to the [...]

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Security guard job vacancy in Dubai for Nepali

Security guard job vacancy in Dubai for Nepali covers the work in hospital security job, airport security job and other bodyguard works. Learning about the security licensee fundamentals, the process for patrolling and ways of using defensive tactics are very important for this work. Knowing these basics is the prime importance in your job of preventing others and yourself from any dangerous situations. Another important part of this job is that you will be learning to communicate effectively and efficiently. You might not get sufficient amount of time to communicate your emergency situation; where you are expected to act instantaneously [...]

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Manpower Company in Nepal

The number of manpower company in Nepal has increased in recent years reaching 760 agencies under the Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies (NAFEA). Not all the agencies send workers in every corner of the world to pursue every kind of works there. Some of these agencies are exclusively linked with foreign companies and agents for particular works only, whereas other agencies receive candidates in all areas of work general. With every day, roughly 1500 Nepalese going abroad, the number of migrants working abroad has increased, and so is the condition of consultancies in Nepal. Not all Nepalese workers get agreed [...]

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Manpower consultancy in Nepal

There are many manpower agencies providing manpower consultancy in Nepal to pool in-between the prospective employees and employers. The international enterprises inform the local agents regarding the vacancy, these agents have a connection with various manpower agencies at different countries, and the prospective employees are availed through these consultancies. Besides sending Nepali workforce to Malaysia and Gulf nations, manpower agencies, nowadays, are assessing the potentiality of placing manpower in European nations like France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and Belgium. At a corporate level, these consultancies have the important role in widening employment market at international level for Nepalese human resource, and [...]

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Top Manpower Agency in Nepal

It is through the professional service that The Gurkha Re- Employment Pvt. Ltd. has been able to become the top manpower agency in Nepal. There has been an increase in trend for looking for abroad job among Nepalese youths since past few years. Political instability is one of the main reason that has forced youths to look for abroad jobs.  Nepalese economy relies heavily on remittance. As a leading human resource company in Nepal, we have been recruiting Nepali manpower in Overseas Companies. There are myriad of manpower recruitment agencies in Nepal. The Gurkha Re- Employment Pvt. Ltd has made its [...]

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Best Recruitment Agency in Nepal

We have not become best recruitment agency in Nepal overnight. With more than two-decade long experience, we have been providing quality manpower from Nepal. We are the preferred choice among those who are looking for able human resources. We have huge database of highly professional candidates. Nepalese workers are in increasing demand in middle east countries due to the reputation built by previous workers. Nepalese workers are known among the companies for their hard-working nature. They are also loyal towards the company that they are working in and are willing to co-operate. This is the reason why we are chosen [...]

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Manpower Agency in Nepal

Due to lack of job opportunities in home country, many youths are looking for an alternative as to go work abroad. Thus, manpower agency in Nepal has been contributing a lot in economy as Nepal receives huge remittance each year and it is a well-known fact that Nepalese economy relies heavily in remittance. The Gurkha Re- Employment Pvt. Ltd. is a leading human recruitment agency in Nepal. We have been recruiting skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled human resources in different companies. The transparent process, top-notched service, professional counselling and expertise of our staffs is what makes us best human recruitment agency. [...]

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